Glen Reflects on Clearwater!!

Glen Takes Us Back to Clearwater Shuffleboard Club.  

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Glen Speaks:  When i joined the Clearwater club, it was a wonderful experience. So many members and such big tournaments.  The tournament directors were Charlotte Sidway, Dave Spencer, his wife Sis, Clara Hipp and husband who was the third caller.  None of these people got paid as they said it was their club and would not except money. It made good payouts as the sponsors where also much bigger back then. We had referees on every court from the quarters on.  There was score keepers on every court.  Each referee and every score keeper got a meal ticket for lunch.  We always had great presidents. Some of you will remember Junior and Pauline Kinney. Junior painted and striped one section of courts every year.  Pauline had the Kitchen Band that entertained us every year. Today one tradition has carried on. Our president Cathy Brennan is the hardest worker we ever had.  Don Winklebeck, Ron and Ellie Prevost continue through hard work manage to keep the club afloat. Hopefully the club will be around many years so it can be enjoyed by many people the way I have enjoyed it for 30 years.

Glen Peltier. 

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2 Responses to Glen Reflects on Clearwater!!

  1. Glenna says:

    I know you are struggling with a new system Stan ut the content is still there anyway! Thanks for your perseverance.


  2. Evan Engell says:

    Dad sure loved the Clearwater Club. I think Mom thought he lived there. lol.


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