Winning Tips by Earl Ball, Article 7 of the Series. 2020 06 05



When I started playing, a great player gave me a great tip. Ralph Day told me that when I get a hide early in the game to give myself plenty of room because I wouldn’t know the drift and the other player would probably clear if I wasn’t hidden. If I didn’t hit the hide I would be much more successful the second time. I try to ingrain into new players “don’t hit the hide the first time you try it”. I do wish I would listen to myself more often!

Ever see dead wood, stray blocks come into play? Happens all the time! Did you know that some players put deadwood out on purpose! How many times have you seen George Darwin put out a deep poor hide when he doesn’t have the hammer? He then clears and if the deadwood is still there when it comes to his last shot he takes that hide or bumps it up and all of a sudden you’re chasing him. He isn’t the only one like that. “Watch the traps”. Earl Ball. 2006 07 16.

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