Glen Takes Us Back to the “Old” Lakeland Courts.

“Old Lakeland Courts”

Glen Peltier Speaks:  I am thankful I had the many opportunities to play at the old Lakeland Club.  Not any of today’s players ever did. It was down in a hole as people said.  There were 10 or 12 steps going down to the courts. And it was hot.  No where to get out of the son. I believe they had 37 courts. Big lunchroom in the hibiscus room. Always a big crowd.  I always marveled at Paul Prescott playing with his dad in the doubles and his mom in the mixed doubles.  How many people can say that? Mary Eldridge often played there.  The crowd watched from atop the hill.  The courts where right uptown I believe on Orange Street. Large parking lot for our motor homes right at the courts. That was back in the days the famous Lakeland players were playing.  Jay Snoddy, Kenn Warden, George Cofrin, Paul Prescott,, yes Paul was great even back then, Lyle Wood, many others I know so well but I just cannot think of their names. Oh yes, Jason Body was still going strong.  I feel so lucky that I have seen so much and done so much in this great game. I don,t understand anyone not feeling lucky just to have traveled the shuffleboard circuit. We truly are blessed.

Glen Peltier.  2020 07 08. 

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5 Responses to Glen Takes Us Back to the “Old” Lakeland Courts.

  1. Linda Armstrong says:

    Henry and I (Linda) both played at the downtown shuffleboard courts when we first went to Sanlan


  2. Glenn Monroe says:

    I got to enjoy one or two seasons of club play on the old Lakeland courts. Like Glen said, the courts were below street level so there was almost no air movement when it got hot. But I would have loved to take those old courts to the new location. They were far better than the new courts. Unfortunately, the only part of those courts that made the trip north were the stadium lights than now light our outside courts.


  3. Earl Ball says:

    I too played a few years at the old courts and Glenn has said it well. The new complex is great but I wish we had the old courts. Wilbur makes a good point, the courts are hidden from the public.


  4. Glen Peltier says:

    I had forgot about both Earl and Dave Minnich playing at the old Lakeland club. I thought they were to young to have played there.


  5. Joan McCurdy says:

    Very nice article. I enjoyed learning about the “old” Lakeland Club.


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