Michigan is a Hot Spot For Shuffling During the Summer!!

Not just sure what Shuffling is taking place in MI this year?? 2020. We will ask Jerry Deren to let us know. Stan

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Jerry Deren and Brenda Smith Dawson.

First place today in the Mount Pleasant, MI Shuffleboard Tournament.  Two competent shufflers partner to take First Place in Mount Pleasant Michigan. Brenda placed first in the US Nationals in 2018.  Brenda ALSO placed 1st in the CD State Am Ladies Event in 2018!!  My point; Jerry had a darn good partner!!!  

MI STATE HOF, 2018 06 11

Not only is Jerry a Good Shuffler, Jerry was a Prime Mover, a Prime Organizer of the MI State Hall of Fame. It looks like Jerry is standing behind Larry, in that blue shirt with sun glasses. Hats off to both Jerry and Brenda for the great work they do for Shuffleboard!!

Stan McCormack.  2018 06 11.

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    Many congrats to you both!!!!!!!….


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