The “MandM” of Shuffleboard Celebrate their 47th Wedding Anniversary!!

The “M&M” of Shuffleboard Celebrate One More Year of Happiness!!

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Burnett’s and Perrotta’s Celebrating Another Anniversary Together.

For at least thirty five years, Murray and I have celebrated our anniversary with very special friends who share our anniversary date. Because our Centre Wellington Shuffleboard tournament opens on Tuesday June 13th (the actual date of our 47th anniversary), we celebrated on Saturday June 10th.  Usually, we go out to eat, but this year, we decided to host.  We have sold our family home of 32 years on Lake Belwood, and wanted a special memory this year.

This year has been very busy and stressful.  Murray’s 94 year old parents have been living on their own, but need to get into assisted living/nursing home care.  At present they cannot get the help required from CCAC, and family are taking turns going in and sleeping overnight.

We have sold our home, and will be moving to our new home in…

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