WINNING TIPS by earl ball:


Wilbur will go “bananas”.  He knows me pretty well and knows how radical my game is; after all he’s had to put up with me as a partner, as an opponent and he’s observed my play from time to time and I’m sure he doesn’t understand what I’m trying to do in some cases.  I never tell him; after all, how do you tell someone what you are doing when even you don’t know!  I’ll build up to the radical stuff, dragging the wizard out further on the limb, maybe he’ll hear it start to break off, maybe he’ll be watching me to see if I’m going to saw it off!  I’m sure he’s pushing me out to the edge of the cliff; maybe he’s waiting his chance to shove me over the edge!  In any case I hope he doesn’t try to out do me with psychology; I know I’m no match for him in that area.  This could be good, stay tuned.  Dum tee dum dum, oh the suspense of it all!!

Earl Ball, 2006 07 18. 

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