Article 8 of Series 1 of Glen’s Look Back Series. 2020 06 18.

The Shuffler is Most Fortunate to Have Articles, “Look Back” Articles, by an Active, Living Shuffler, Who Competed At That Time!!!

Glen Discusses the FSA point System 2016 12 26. 

I believe the FSA has done a fantastic job of keeping the point system fair. When I first started to play, the singles points were double what they are now but there were no points given for consolation. The main event was called until 2.30 and only then was consolation called. You practised on each colour and then lagged. We then played one game of 100 points.  Consolation offered no points as it was considered a loser’s bracket. Most people used it to practise and hardly ever come back the second day. Then one point was given for first place in consolation. Eventually the present system came in about the same time split tournaments started. All this happened off setting the singles points getting cut in half. I believe the present point system with consolation points given and split tournament may give the opportunity to get a few more points but not many. Many shuffleboard organizations use the rules taken from the FSA for guidance. I believe the FSA has done a great job in maintaining the integrity of our game. Some of the ten-day notices are very scary and threaten our game but we trust the executive of the FSA to maintain control so our game will prevail as is or as close as we can keep it. Many new players want changes but change their mind after they improve their game. Again, my friends, this is my opinion.

Glen Peltier.

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