Summer Season Look Back; Posted Originally in 2006.



Helen & Larry Luchi

Stan’s Note: Larry Luchi contributed several articles, novel and interesting articles, some 10 years ago!!  Not at all sure where he and wife Helen are at this time??  2016 05 02..

Larry Speaks: At the Lakes of Melbourne I try to have various events to have fun and to encourage new people to play Shuffleboard.

We held a Gals and Guys tournament on November 11 that turned out to be a huge success.  The ladies all dressed up in pink, some very sexy!! Reason:    to distract the men from playing too well; that’s my story and I’m sticking with it!!  The men where in “old dull blue denim.”

The decorating committee headed by Vivan Kamfonik and husband Dennis did a fine job with the Pink and Blue decorations and poster boards placed about the shuffle area.

Our President Virgie Bennett and Teena Behr (not a shuffler) handled the refreshments of Coffee, donuts, cold drinks and snacks.  Team manager Gloria Kenney started the day with the pledge of allegiance and a prayer.

Now the fun began. We had been hearing how badly the men where going to out play the women but the format for the first game changed that.  We drew chips for partners with all Gals drawing Yellow and the men Black. There where 4 Yellow disks on the courts but only 3 black. Needless to say the men only won 1 game and the women won 7.

After a 10 minute break we started the second game with 4 disks of each color but Black was out first every frame.

The men did a little better this time winning 2 games; Gals 6.  Needless to say I was not very popular with the Guys but I did get a lot of kisses (from the Girls).

I redeemed myself with the Guys by playing a regular game the third and last game. Finally the men came through, taking 6 games to 2 with a final total of; men 9 wins and women 15 wins.

Through the games we drew courts for prizes for the winners. Awards of $10 gift certificates from Road House Grill where presented by Gloria Kenney to Carol Smiley and Kay McCann,

Game 2 winners; Helen Luchi and Gloria Pappas and Clair Beaudry and Bonnie Beaudry received $20 certificates each from Picadillas cafeteria.

The men finally won something with Dennis Kamfonik and Gerry St. Pierre winning $20 each for the third game.  After each game Gold Medals (I do believe they where plastic) where given to all the winners >> 48 in total.

There where more than 32 players so we had some sit outs and plenty of spectators and a cheer leader from the local school.  Everything was free, everyone had fun and all are looking forward to the next tournament and 4 new people are now playing with our club. Mission Accomplished.

Larry Luchi 2006 11 29. 

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