Glenna Earle Gives Us an Outstanding Report on P14A Hosted by Sebring.

Another report from Glenna Earle!! This time SHE is playing. What a wonderful report!! Thanks so much Glenna. Stan

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 Ruthie Brown; Pam Nurnberger; Glenna Earle and Linda Marshman.  4 Top Shufflers. Stan

Sebring State Tournament Jan 2/3, 2019, 2nd day.

Linda Marshman and I were lucky enough to find ourselves ready to play the finals against Ruth Brown and Pam Nurnberger, 2 top HOFers!!!! Remember Linda just arrived and this is her first Tournament of the season and my 2nd, although we are also HOFers!!!

It was the most exciting match I have had the pleasure of playing for a long time.
The first game was won by Ruth & Pam with a close margin. The 2nd game was to be Linda’s and mine.
Now it is time for the “rubber” and it is about 3:00 P.M. Very warm humid day and we are on Court 18, a mighty tricky little devil!! Ruthie told me it was straight but I think she and I both agreed in the end…

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2 Responses to Glenna Earle Gives Us an Outstanding Report on P14A Hosted by Sebring.

  1. Glenna says:

    That was one of the most exciting games Linda and I have had the pleasure to play together.
    In re-reading this, I now think of our dear Ruthie whom we lost this year. Linda and I have such wonderful memories of that gracious lady, as does her good friend Pam. We all miss her, that’s for sure!


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