Glenna Earle Reports From Nova Scotia on Canada’s East Coast!!

Glenna and David Earle never stop promoting the Game They Both Love, and both do so well!! The example used is in their home province, Nova Scotia. However; they are even more active in Florida!! Stan

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Glenna Earle Speaks: Today we had the pleasure of introducing 11 new ladies to the game of shuffleboard.
They came from a seniors group called Chebucto Links, with the idea they would like to try the game. I have been told there are as many more who want to come and try it as well. We had an extra court available today which we used as our instructional court.
David and I gave a workshop on how to play the game and spent a fair bit of time on the actual approach and shooting technique which I think will “pay off”.

These lovely ladies were thrilled with the fact that they could actually place a disc somewhere near where they wanted it to go. They continued to work at shooting discs until lunch time.
We (the regulars) always stop for about 1/2 hour to eat our lunch which we bring…

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3 Responses to Glenna Earle Reports From Nova Scotia on Canada’s East Coast!!

  1. Jim Corbeil says:

    Way to go David and Glenna.
    Nice to see people playing shuffleboard. You are doing a great job promoting the game we love.
    Jim Corbeil


  2. Ken Wardley says:

    nice to read of your success in the introduction of Shuffleboard.
    zhope you and David are keeping well and safe


  3. Myrna Bilton says:

    Great news…
    David and Glenna are wonderful ambassadors for shuffleboard


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