“I am pleased to present this series.  I hope to re-create an interest in “The 75-Point Game” which has fallen into neglect. It is my hope that an examination of some of the intricacies of “The 75-Point Game” will increase interest in that “Game.

When writing about Shuffleboard the question always arises, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” A “How To” book does not flow from subject to subject to create a story that results in an “Ending.” A “How To” book is an assembly of facts that have no “Beginning,” or “Ending.” Although some “Facts” may be more important than another, the sequence in which these facts are presented has no relationship to their importance.

Therefore, instead of writing about “Chapter 1,” “Chapter 2,” etc., I will excerpt subjects that I believe are most used — or most abused.””

Wilbur Estes, The Guy that Wrote The Book. 2005. 

You will have taken the first step!!! You will be glad that you did!! Believe me!!!!!

Stan McCormack 2011 10 19.

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