Winnie Wells will turn 99 this weekend!!!! (2020 06 20) Winnie Wells is still an active and competent shuffler!!! 

NOT ONLY does she still shuffle like the “Pro” she is, she still drives, she still cares for her beautiful flowers; and she takes fine care of her yard.

This lady never stops smiling, she loves people and loves life. Kay Cramblit shared with me that when she started shuffling, Winnie  was one of the people that always encouraged her!!  

In preparing these brief remarks, I conducted a search for Winnie. Her name and photo

came up several times in the “Winners” section.  As but one example I give you a pic of Winnie accepting a trophy from then CD President, Larry Brown. The Tournament was the CD Masters.  NO, Winnie did not place first, but she did have a good number of wins!! 

I want to thank Winnie’s remarkably close friend, Kay Cramblit for sending along this information.

Stan McCormack.  Former President of Avon Park, Winnie’s Home Club; Winnie continues to actively shuffle at both Sebring and Avon Park!! OMG, and she is 99.

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  1. Glenn Monroe says:

    Happy Birthday, Winnie! It is a pleasure to know you.


  2. Beverly Fowler says:

    I do not know you at all Winnie but I am really impressed with you I am 83 in my 84th year and I hope to make it there someday. Happy Birthday
    Beverly Fowler


  3. Earl A Ball says:

    Hi Winnie,
    Happy Birthday and I agree, it’s a pleasure to know you!


  4. Kay Cramblit says:

    Winnie, you inspire me and so many others. So happy to call you my friend.


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