We Give You The Results of the Annual Art Scott Singles!! 2017 06 22

Whether or NOT you have heard about Canadian Art Scott, you will find this posting enjoyable and informative!!! Stan

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Pic by Stan of Art Scott taken in Athabasca AB during the Black Swan.

Here are “supporting remarks” of Art Scott’s induction into the CNSA Hall of Fame.  AS 3 (by Stan) Actual ART SCOTT 2007 05 14.   If you knew Art, you will enjoy the read.  If you did not know Art, you will discover a True Supporter Of Our Game!! 

Father and Son

There were 128 entries in the Art Scott Singles Tournament. This is a four event, four game guaranteed tournament which is held annually in the second week of June.  (Click on pic of Father and son)

A Event Winners:  (Right to left)
R<L: Earl Doell (1), Jo-Anne Sell, Bruce Fostey, Dale Robinson
B Event Winners :  (Right to left)
R<L: Brian Scott (1), Fred Vert, Dennis Stockman, Lynn Bell
C Event Winners: (Right to left)
R<L: Walter Chadwick (1), Conrad Karpetz, Bob Lockwood, Ron Christensen

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