The American Flag. Sent along by Jerry Derren.

A very powerful message shared with us by Lianne Combs. Please take the time to fully watch the video; it will be well worth it as we approach Independence Day 2020. Our lives have been turned upside down in many ways; the flag remains straight and proud no matter who/what tries to take her down.An important and historical reminder of the significance and reverence given to the flag of the United States of America! Thanks for sharing this wonderful message!!

May our Flag forever wave over our Nation.

Maybe some have forgotten why we cherish our flag so much and what it took from the men who first died by keeping it visible for us to see. No American should take a knee to the Flag of the United States and the Star spangled banner, ever!!

This includes the NFL, and all US sports, and especially in demonstrations of violence and rioting in our country.

It is simply wrong.

Just listen to this again.

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