Wilbur Estes Series WE 01 2020 06 24. THE GAME PLAN IS IN FOUR PARTS

The Game Plan consists of four logical, and distinctly separate, parts. These parts are present in every game. The Game Plan provides a procedure for use within each specific part.

The four parts of a game are.

When you are Ahead, — and you have the Hammer.

When you are Ahead, — and your opponenthas the Hammer.

When you are Behind, — and you have the Hammer.

When you are Behind, — and your opponent has the Hammer.

These four individual parts make learning The Game Plan relatively easy. It eliminates confusion by placing each individual situation of Score and Hammer into an easily identified category.

Some portions of a play are used in all categories, which upon rudimentary examination make the plays look identical. However, each of the categories is different and the plays are not identical.

A play that is effective in one category may be ill advised, or completely ineffective in another.

The four distinct parts of a Game clearly define the purpose of every play. Once you know the purpose, only a lack of discipline will allow you to use the wrong play.

The following brief summary of The Game Plan shows only the basic plays for these situations. The plays are not universal. It is necessary to qualify several plays for special circumstances. Later, you will examine each play, — and its exceptions. You will also examine the many differences between the plays used at The Head of the Court, and those used at The Foot.

Note: Special circumstances require numerous exceptions and variations to the plays. These serve to fine-tune your game. However, even without this fine-tuning this basic Game Plan will serve you well.

Introducing you to The Game Plan in this manner shows the similarities of the plays, both when you are Ahead and when you are Behind. It also emphasizes the influence of the Hammer upon the play.

Regardless of which division of The Game Plan is in effect at the moment, you can easily determine your Immediate Goal. Then, the selection of the correct play will come immediately to mind. The plays of The Game Plan are percentage plays. All are logical when fully understood, — and are easy to remember. As you examine each play in detail, in its proper place within The Game Plan, you will see why it is the correct play

When you are Ahead, — and you have the Hammer. will be the next posting. Stan writing on 2020 06 24.

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3 Responses to Wilbur Estes Series WE 01 2020 06 24. THE GAME PLAN IS IN FOUR PARTS

  1. John d Houghtaling says:

    Very interesting read!!!!!….


  2. jojkent@aol.com says:

    Why have you and the other great players not got together and put this in book form for beginners intermediate, and A+ players. Three books three sales?


  3. Tom Winkelspecht says:

    keep these articles coming, I enjoy reading each and every one.


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