Article 10 of Glen Peltier’s 2016 Series: As Older Clubs Leave Us, Newer and Better Clubs Take Their Place!!

So many clubs have gone by the wayside but new ones, that I believe are better, have come alive.

When I started playing we played on Gulfport’s 2o courts. Best meals ever!!  It was called Gateway to the Gulf.  We played for three years before lack of interest from the club shut it down.  A few more District Tournaments were played, then a complete shutdown.

I was there when Eustis started and when it finished. It was the first club with the heavy slow courts. Not every one liked them. The city had invested heavily in the club and it was really a nice club.

Orange city was my favourite. I believe 20 courts, and at that time, amateurs played Monday and Pros came in Tuesday. Lots of rocking chairs on the front porch. I would jog in the morning (those days are gone) and the Spanish moss hung from the trees. It was very special; Ft. Myers had their club down by the water. It was the days of the motor homes and we parked on the street.  The new courts are so much better in North Ft Myers. Still the memories linger.

The courts at Lakeland were down in the hole as they called them. They were really good courts built by the original R.K. Nidy who knew how to build them.  I always thought they were some of the best in Florida. The present  situation is so much better. We got fried at the old courts.

I believe our biggest improvement was Betmar. When I first started to play there was no Pro tournament in Zephyrhills.  The amateurs played at the Tourist club. What a big improvement. Betmar draws big crowds, serves the best meals. The uptown club has improved 100%.

Both clubs in Daytona are gone. It was a long way to go but it was fun and we had parking for motor homes. daytona-beach-it-happened-there

Lake Worth is done!! Gone!!  WE had Monday and Tuesday in Hollywood; travel to Lake Worth on Wednesday and played in Lake Worth Thursday and Friday.  Approximately 20 motor homes were on the circuit then.

WHAT A WONDERFULL PAST.  I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to play during these very special years.  Glen Peltier. 

Submitted by Glen Peltier  WITH THANKS

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5 Responses to Article 10 of Glen Peltier’s 2016 Series: As Older Clubs Leave Us, Newer and Better Clubs Take Their Place!!

  1. Joan McCurdy says:

    Hi Glen,

    A very nice article. Nice for me to read about the time before I shuffled. Were you one of the group who travelled with a motor home?

    I know you would like me to leave a comment. I am very disappointed that so few leave comments and I don’t want to be one of a very few. That is why I wrote directly to Stan to tell him this.

    I hope you are having a good day. Joan.

    💗Joan McCurdy💗



  2. John d Houghtaling says:

    Always neat to read about the days when shuffle board was played by so many folks!!!…


  3. Myrna Bilton says:

    Thanks for the stories Glen.
    We sure have enjoyed our camper going to the tournaments in Ontario for many years.
    We are missing the fellowship of our shuffleboard friends.
    Prayers for your health.
    Rendall & Myrna


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