Winning Tips by Earl Ball; Article 10 of the Series.


I see it all the time!  Your on your home court, you run the alley against a wide St Pete and make it, you snuggle without the hammer and don’t pay the price, you roll hides, you can do it all.  Trouble is you’re at home, many times on the same court against the same players.  We’ve all done it and I’ve seen some great players fall into the trap.  They go on the road and nothing works.  Two matches and they’re gone.  You need a reality check from time to time; look for some one else to play against; I travel a little to try different court surfaces in summer tournaments; it keeps you from falling into the trap!

Look for different court surfaces to play; experience is the only element that will help you become comfortable with varying conditions.  I remember the first time I played on beads; I thought I was on ball bearings; I couldn’t even keep my balance.  I didn’t think I ever wanted that experience again and I hear a lot of newer players, even pros that say they are lost on a court surface different than they have on their home courts.  I still run into playing conditions that are tough to adjust too, but like Glen Peltier, I try to take the attitude that I never saw a court that wasn’t my favorite court, and no matter what the conditions I’m still playing shuffleboard and that beats the next best thing.  You’d be surprised how your upbeat attitude will push your opponent’s attitude down as he’s having trouble adjusting, not that I’d ever use physiology to my advantage! 

Earl Ball 2006 07 22.

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2 Responses to Winning Tips by Earl Ball; Article 10 of the Series.

  1. debsturat says:

    Thank you!


  2. Tom W says:

    Well wishes from the east coast. Good news on the surgery, get well hope to see you on the courts in the fall. Keep the articles coming, I enjoy reading them.


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