We Have Lost Roy Briegel.

We mourn the sudden loss of Roy Briegel, Pro Shuffler, who passed away June 25, 2020, at his home in Lakeside, Ohio. Roy will be missed by his family and many friends at both the Sebring and Avon Park Shuffleboard Clubs, and all those at his Florida home in Buttonwood Bay. Condolences may be sent to his wife, Shirley, at 419 East Fifth Street, Lakeside, Ohio 43440. Rest In Peace dear friend.

Marti Noble.

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1 Response to We Have Lost Roy Briegel.

  1. Earl A Ball says:

    Cindy and I had a chance to become friends with Shirley and Roy at the National Doubles last summer. Shirley and Cindy played the tournament together and were scheduled to play again this summer until my back situation came about. We really bonded and Shirley and Roy took us for a tour of the Marblehead Peninsula. I’ve been going to Lakeside, off and on, for many years and never realized what a wonderful area it was. As luck would have it, on Friday afternoon who did we meet for the Championship but Roy and his Partner. They played a great match and almost took us out. I was so impressed by Roy’s play that we talked about getting together to play a Florida State Tournament; we couldn’t work one out but decided we would try again in the future. Little did we know that the future would end so soon. We will miss you Roy, RIP.


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