Words and pictures of Tim Bakers Tournament!!

Hi Stan, Tim Baker, ZSC, is going to send you the results of the tournament he held at his farm in Indiana. Tim built a building and two courts and has been teaching his friends to play shuffleboard. He decided to hold an invitational tournament and was able to get twelve players together. He borrowed a roll out court and cleared out a space in his equipment shed so they had courts for everyone. He is now on the lookout for another roll out court, so if someone wants to get rid of one you might want to look Tim up. Tim served as 4th VP of the Central District representing Amateurs. He is a mover and a shaker and is and will make a big difference in our sport. This is true grassroots growth. We could surely use some more.Earl

Pictures from Tim Baker’s tournament.

Tim Baker held a tournament at his new courts Saturday.

Bill Badgley brought a roll up court so they had three courts.

They played 3 matches.

First two games were 16 frames.3rd game if needed was 8 frames – 4 on each color

Places were awarded for most wins and total points. Only the first two games counted towards total points.

Tim & Bob Conkle won,  2nd place went to  Bill Badgley & Randy Cole, 3rd Jim Kelly & Sandra Little, 4th Cheryl Conkle & Bob Blake, 5th Mike Miller & Nancy Foley and 6th was Jim Foley & Bill Courtney.

Download all attachments as a zip file

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