“Secrets of Shuffleboard Strategy – 2nd Edition by Richard Ingram. The Villages. May of 2014.

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Richard Ingram Speaks:  Speaks about Shuffleboard!!  (And you thought I had abandoned Shuffleboard!!  lol)

When the score is approximately even stay off the scoring board. Wait for an opportunity to hide a disc or score with your hammer.

Do not let yourself become afflicted with bad habits like “kitchenettes” i.e. trying to put most all of your opponent’s discs in the kitchen.  If you do not need 10 off your opponents score just clear the board. 

Being seated while players on the opposite end of the court are shooting is a “courtesy of the court” to prevent distraction.  Being seated is also a requirement of the National Shuffleboard Rules.

Always sight down your cue with your eyes directly over the cue shaft to see if it is pointing straight at the point of impact on the target.

Do not push the cue w/a jerk or shove in your arm. 


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