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DAVE MINNICH “HALL OF FAMER” Kenny Offenther alerted me to the article I am about to insert > an article by Earl Ball reacting to this article:

Earl Ball Speaks: Kenny Offenther received a note that Dave Minnich also won the roll of Champions Championship when he was President of the FSA and it’s true. He and I tied for the Championship in 2003/04, Dave was in … Continue reading

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Glen Peltier Expresses His Appreciation to FL Shufflers!!!

GLEN SPEAKS: We do not know how this unprecedented year will end but all shufflers hope for the best for all of us, and for the game of shuffleboard.  The game has been great for so many people, and I … Continue reading

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Winning Tips by Earl Ball, Article 15 of the Series. 2020 07 31.

WINNING TIPS by earl ball; IF YOU NEED TO PLAY KITCHEN GET ON THE BOARD!! For cryin out loud I don’t understand why it’s so hard to grasp that principle!  So many players insist on shooting hide blocks for the … Continue reading

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And Just When You Thought You Knew Everything You Wanted to Know About Earl Ball!!!!!!! 2020 07 30.

I remember during the summer of ’97 at some point I finally had a chance to win something; my partner had worked her tail off, we had the lead and all I had to do was clear the opponents score … Continue reading

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Look Back: Earl Ball Wrote This in 2009!! THE SILVER LINING! By EARL BALL.

The Shuffler has been re-running the articles from the ill-fated Nova Scotia International Tournament and I am still disappointed every time I think about that event because I was on the USA team and I just know it would have … Continue reading

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Three “World Champions” Competed at Lakeside, OH!! Is it any wonder it was such a Great Tournament????

Great Pic Below >> We Might Never Experience This Rare Gathering Again????? Three “World Champions” competing in the same TOURNAMENT!!!! Dr. Bob Jones on the left earned the title in 2015 at Clearwater, FL, placing 1st in the 34th World … Continue reading

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Wilbur Estes Article: “Mark the Discs” posted 2020 07 28.

This is the first of a series of excerpts from “MODULAR SHUFFLEBOARD,” a book that I published in 1995, when I was still active on the “Pro Circuit.” It is long out of print. This book was seventeen years in … Continue reading

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Jim Allen Presents the Legacy of Glen Peltier at the 2013 FSA Banquet. (Posted 2020 07 27)

The Legacy of Glen Peltier I would like to tell a Dickens story, an adaptation of A Christmas Carol. Its called A Shuffleboard Story, and it’s about 3 ghosts that came to me in a dream. Each ghost represented Glen … Continue reading

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STEVE SLAUGHTERBECK Leaves Us: May He Rest In Peace.

WHAT WE DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT STEVE SLAUGHTERBECK Steve passed away in his Bradenton home (Trailer Estates) July 17, 2020. Steve was the current SWCD President as well as the President of Bluffton, OH shuffleboard club. The thing I will always … Continue reading

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“What’s The Rule?” By State TD Glenn Monroe. 2020 07 26

The Shuffler has arranged with FSA State Tournament Director Glenn Monroe to answer your questions relative to The Rules!! Thus the title: “What’s The Rule?” If You have a question you would like answered, send it to Glenn at: Unless … Continue reading

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