Glen Peltier Shares “His Proudest Moment”

I was lucky enough to play in the International Tournament in Lindsay Ontario in 1990. I had told Frank Willson who was the Canadian president the year before that I would give the introduction to the Japanese, in Japanese, the following year. There was a Japanese couple living in New Port Richey that I spent every Thursday night with.  It was only a two-minute speech but you can say much in two minutes.

The Japanese main man back then was Kosai. We spent the night before the opening going over my speech. When Frank introduced me, all the hard work I had done for one year, learning the language, was worth it. When I finished, the Japanese people were so appreciative.

The only living person besides me I could find, who attended, was Nick Klym. He is in a home now but he remembers it well. I don,t remember much about the tournament but I will always remember the Japanese people.  There was a full slate of Japanese there,  Eight Men and Eight Women.  I keep the speech in Florida, both in English and Japanese.  It was my biggest thrill in shuffleboard. >> Glen Peltier.

Stan Speaks: I have some great pix of both Kosai and Frank. After working for about an hour, I GIVE UP. This programme is “the Pits”. You may wish to try my Facebook page; It Is: Stanley Roy McCormack.

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3 Responses to Glen Peltier Shares “His Proudest Moment”

  1. Earl A Ball says:

    Glen, you must have a whole lot of these stories and I very much appreciate them, as I am sure, everyone does.
    I’m proud of you and all you’ve done to make shuffleboard proud.
    Maybe someone else will come forward.


  2. Elaine Antaya says:

    Sure wish you were in Lindsay this year


  3. stanistheman says:

    Just as a matter of interest Elaine, why do you wish Glen was in Lindsay this year? For example, are you in Lindsay? Elaine, I am in Lindsay this year!!! Stan


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