Hendersonville North Carolina Shuffleboard Club: 2017 07 03 and 04 

Look Back 3 Years to Hendersonville!!

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Hendersonville, North Carolina Shuffleboard Club

Club Championship Doubles M/L July 3 & 4, 2017

Men’s Division:  The Texas boys of summer did it again; Warren King and Stan Quinn won their third in a row doubles club championship.

1st Men; Warren King and Stan Quinn.

1.  Warren King – Stan Quinn
2.  Ray Lawson – Ed O’Neal
3.  Asa Lett – Dave Wenger
4.  Larry Lumsden – Wally Thyssen

1st Cons. Men Jay and Tom

1.  Tom Eastman – Jay Fitzpatrick
2.  John Klinger – Ed Parker
3.  Norm Willems – Jeff Luneau
4.  John Knapp – Charlie Gleason
Ladies Division

1st Ladies: Pat Knapp and Betty Loveland.

1.  Pat Knapp – Betty Loveland
2.  Linda King – Carol Lumsden
3.  Dorie Baker – Jeanne Wenger
4.  Gail Chase – Cathy Lawson

1st Cons. Joyce Radcliffe and Jan Thyssen

1.  Jan Thyssen – Joyce Radcliffe

Tournament Director:  Sandi…

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