GREAT STORY BY EARL BALL!! (Why Not Share Your Story With Us??

SPEAKING OF “ECONNOMIC IMPACT” Will This Be the “New Normal??”

Last evening as Cindy, sipping a glass of wine, and I, sipping a Cold Yuengling and munching a few animal crackers, sat in our waterfront; we have a pool, air-conditioned Florida Room. We watched the local neighborhood put on their, annual, “fireworks” display.  WOW! They really do it up right. The beautiful bursting lights, the bangs, even the smoke was right there, up close; over our extended back yard. We are so, very, fortunate to live on a golf course that is beautiful and more importantly given tender love and care by our outstanding maintenance crew.

My mind couldn’t help but wander back to the 4th of July last year. We drove over to St Pete, a gorges ride across the water, and joined about 20 friends at the fabled St Pete Shuffleboard Club for a 3-game draw, great fun, great friends and a wonderful start to the holiday.

We followed that with a gathering at one of the fine local pubs for lunch and a cold drink. Cindy and I decided to go to the Dali Museum from there and wow, was that interesting! Dali was weird, so I can identify with him, and Cindy is interested in all of the arts, so she really had a good time.

A Few hours and a few souvenirs later and we were off to register at our Hotel, the 5-star Vinoy, on the waterfront overlooking the “fireworks” site. We reserved a room where we could watch the “fireworks” in airconditioned comfort, something like this year. Dinner was next in the Hotels, up level, dining room, this year was T.V. dinners. Such a wonderful experience followed by a stroll in the waterfront park with the swelling crowd of people and pets; Cindy even got to pet a Police Horse and have her picture taken too.  We wandered back to the hotel, put on our night cloths, like this year, and got ready to enjoy the show: it was great, bright colors, loud bangs and we were even close enough to see the smoke. Up and around the next morning, it was time for a little “room service”, coffee, juice, a few crumpets; very similar to this year. It was now time to head to the Pinellas Park Shuffleboard Club, a wonderful layout of 16 covered courts, with big fans. We were invited to play in their 3-game draw and we had a great time, with great friends. Cindy finished play with a 3-kitchen final frame against Bob, Simploleski, so, needless to say she was on cloud 9 for the ride home.

WOW! What a wonderful couple of days to celebrate the 4th of July!

Now for the sobering part! Can you imagine the, economic impact, the  difference between what we did this year versus last year? Think of all the people with similar experiences; the businesses devastated, budgets that can’t be funded, people whose experiences this year will keep them from ever going back to what was! I always go back to my parent’s generation and the freedom they had to do as they wished. Maybe, just maybe, my generation had it “made” too, we just didn’t realize or appreciate it; we will now!

Earl Ball July 5, 2020

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1 Response to GREAT STORY BY EARL BALL!! (Why Not Share Your Story With Us??

  1. susan b. daidone says:

    Loved your story. Our generation prays that the next generations will understand and appreciate what they have now because I don’t think it will be like what we had!!!!! Glad that you are feeling OK. SUE Daidone


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