Run Up” to the 36th ISA in Brazil: Article 4: We begin our “daily reports” from the 24th ISA in 2005!!!

I take you back to Sep of 2005 >> TO BRAZIL!!!! Good History!! Check it OUT!!! Stan writing in 2020.

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Canadians Arrive.

Greeted by Michael

HEY, that “guy” is NOT a Canadian??

Saturday, September 17th, 2005 was ARRIVAL DAY, and in general terms things went as per plan!! 

Chick and Irene Cowell

Some, such as the Cowells may not be in complete agreement with my assessment as they were unable to make the required flight connection ~~ through no fault of theirs, and by necessity will be arriving on Sunday, Sep 18th.  (Click on ANY pic to expand)

For the Eastern Canadians, their air journey began in Toronto at 17:00 with a 3 hour flight to Houston TX.  From Houston we had a 9.5 hr flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil, followed by a 25 min flight to Rio!!!  At Houston we met up with the Western Component of the Canadian Team, had but a few minutes together before boarding the plane for the long haul to…

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1 Response to Run Up” to the 36th ISA in Brazil: Article 4: We begin our “daily reports” from the 24th ISA in 2005!!!

  1. Michael R. Zellner says:

    Stan this was a truly memorable event full of serious competition, daily shows, daily meal buffets, and tours of the beautiful sights of Rio de Janeiro. Some of the biggest names in shuffleboard were there and sadly many have passed away in these past 15 years. Glad to have been a part of that event but couldn’t have pulled it off without Dr. Luiz Pimentel, Marcos Cardoso, Henrique Silveira and our young court cleaner and leader Bernar Borges.


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