36th ISA Report #5: We give you Day 2 of the 24th ISA in 2005.

Shufflers Travel The World!! Read about our Adventure to Rio de Janeiro in 2005!! Stan

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Monday Report:  2005 09 19, 24th ISA

The day we have been anxiously awaiting has arrived!!  The 24th ISA begins to-day!! 

Joe Casias, Captain of UN Team. Arabella Casias served as a Referee.

Max Tate, Captain of the Canadian Men’s Team.

Dr. Luiz Pimentel, Captain of Brasil’s Men’s Team

Ivone Zellner was the Captain of the Ladies Brazil Team

Walt and Ann Wedel. Walt Captained the USA Men’s Team.

To give you an indication of the impact of the event, many players were up at 05:00, and one couple told me they were up at 02:30???

  Is that energy with anticipation or what???  Max Tate, team captain for Canada had laid down the law for the Canadian Men!  Be on the 1st bus, it leaves at 07:30!!  I…

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