The White Jacket; The Most Respected Symbol of Competence in Florida Shuffleboard!!!

Jim Allen brought the white jackets Thank you
To ensure the individual MASTERS competitors are identifiable, both now, and in the future, Allen R. Shuffleboard presents a White Jacket to each individual competitor at the conclusion of his/her VERY FIRST MASTERS.  All who hold the White Jacket wear it with pride, as indeed they should. 
It is these players who will from this DAY FORWARD, proudly wear their WHITE JACKET, Synonymous with qualifying, and playing, in the FSA PRO MASTERS!! 

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3 Responses to The White Jacket; The Most Respected Symbol of Competence in Florida Shuffleboard!!!

  1. John d Houghtaling says:

    Both my partner, Gary McGaffey and myself qualified this year (2019/20) for our first Masters Tournament that was to be held at the historic shuffle board courts in St. Petersburg. We were both looking forward with pride and honor to be able to play for the “very first time” in the Masters against the finest players in Florida and be part of the ceremony to be presented with our white jackets that Allen R. Shuffleboard generously donates and presents to first time Masters players. Hopefully, at some point in time, the 2019/20 Masters will still be able to be played in St. Petersburg so that both Gary and I can savor the moment that honors those who qualify for this prestigious event!!


  2. stanistheman says:



  3. John d Houghtaling says:

    Thanks Stan!!! I wish I could say in words how much Gary and I as well as hundreds of others within the FSA membership ranks love this sport; it is truly a game of learning for a lifetime at the am “AND” pro level!!!! I can only hope that the younger generation like Erik, his wife and Josh along with the St.Pete Club can continue to keep this wonderful game alive!!!!!…


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