Wilbur Estes WE 02 DVD Article: Game Plan: The 75-Point Philosophy. (2020 07 07)

The 75-Point Philosophy

Definition: Total concentration on accumulating 75-Points constitutes The 75-Point Philosophy.

Your only goal is to accumulate 75-Points on the Scoreboard, before your opponent does.

The opinions concerning which play is a “good play”, in any specific situation, differ widely among players, and most opinions disregard the fundamental object of the Game, — which is the accumulation of 75-Points.

Every player knows that “75-Points is game”, but many play a haphazard game, with total disregard of this goal.

Have you tried to “take-out” your opponent’s partly Hidden Disc with your Hammer (“Chase” with your Hammer) when you were well ahead, and his score would not put him out?

Note: The vernacular of Shuffleboard uses phrases such as “get him out” instead “get his disc out”, or “Kitchen him,” or “Kitchen your opponent”, instead of “Kitchen your opponent’s disc”.

Did you stop to think that a score with your Hammer would advance you toward 75-Points, and your opponent would be no closer to you?

No! You felt you had to get him out, or commit the un-pardonable sin of allowing him to score on your Hammer.

Have you tried to Kitchen him when you did not need a Kitchen? Did you place your disc vulnerable to the Kitchen?

Did your opponent Kitchen you and reduce your score?

Before you tried to Kitchen him, did you think, “I should clear and not be in position to be Kitchened”? Probably not.

Have you lost a match when your score was 67 and you had the Hammer? Did your opponent put in a 7 that was of little value to him? Did you try to Kitchen, simply because you could not resist the challenge? Did you stop to think you could win with an 8? Did you miss his 7, Kitchen yourself, and reduce your score to 57?

Have you tried to sneak on your opponent’s Hammer, when you were “in the 60s” and well ahead? Did you fail to hide? Were you Kitchened and unable to “go out” on your next Hammer?

Have you tried to make a Double with your Hammer, and made nothing, when any score would have put “game” in reach of your partner? Have you done this often? Of course, you have.

Did you blame the result on Bad Luck? Of course you did, Bad Luck offers a convenient excuse for Bad Judgement.

Control your Luck. Keep the object of the Game, — 75-Points, constantly at the forefront of your mind.

This is The 75 -Point Philosophy.


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