Wilbur Estes:

We give you a “Look Back” at some of the general articles by Wilbur.

Stan and Alf have graciously asked me to contribute articles expressing my beliefs.

The communication stated in part, “I think there continues to be an “unsatisfied need” to “play shuffleboard as you see the game”, as expressed in YOUR BOOK.

I think so too. Players I have met at tournaments have expressed their enjoyment of previous articles, and the help they are in improving their game. I am pleased to have this opportunity to provide articles that I hope will benefit shufflers who aspire to be “the best”.

The articles that express my belief that the deleterious effect of “Florida 12 Frame games” are contributing to the demise of shuffleboard, are theory only; although I believe that the available information indicates that it is true.

The articles pertaining to proper play are NOT theory; they are thoroughly tested strategies (and philosophies). They are the result of twenty years of observation and testing in Pro Tournaments. The content was seventeen years in the writing, and has since been rewritten for clarity.

The information is based upon “Percentages”. The “best” play will not succeed all the time, the “worst” play will succeed some of the time. However, adhering to these concepts will help you improve your game.

I hope that you find this informative, — and useful.

Wilbur Estes, “The Guy That Wrote the Book”

PRACTICE — Summer Tournament

“‘Tis the season to be jolly”. No! Not Christmas, but the season of “Florida Summer Shuffleboard”, — “Fun Shuffleboard”.

This is a different game than the “Standard FSA Game”; — and you must treat it so.

Normally, in a “Summer Tournament”, you get “Two for Speed, and Four for Practice”.

When you “Practice” you must get all the information that is available.

Most players get little information from their “Practice Shots”; because they do not try.

Most players simply shoot the “Two for Speed” from the “Inside Front Corner of the Starting Area”, and shoot “somewhere” into the Scoring Diagram; without plan or consistency.

They get a little information regarding “Speed”, — and nothing else.

You (being more knowledgeable) will shoot from the “Outside Front Corner of the Starting Area”, and shoot one disc across the board, to the deep outside corner of the 7 area, you will see the drift across the board (the same drift that affects a Hammer-8, or a Hammer-7), and will learn something about the speed.

You will shoot your second disc from the same spot, and shoot parallel to the edge of the court to the deep corner 7. You will learn the drift and speed along that path.

You have gained all the knowledge that the “Two for Speed” permits.

You will also, gather all the available information from your “Four for Practice”.

Having learned the drift and speed to the two corner “7s”, you have no need to shoot these shots again.

Therefore, have your partner give you a “Target”, by holding his cue about six inches to the left (or right) of the centerline, in the 7 (which is practically a standard in “The 12-Frame Florida Game”). “Everyone” practices to these spots).

You will shoot from the “Inside Front Corner of the Starting Area”, and learn the drift and speed to that spot..

Then, have him put the disc on the other side (six inches to the left, or right, of the centerline). And shoot from the “Inside Front Corner of the Starting Area”.

Now have him set “Fat-8s”, one on each side of the centerline. Shoot from the “Outside Front Corner of the Starting Area”, and shoot at those “Targets”.

Shoot at “SCORING SPEED” (not “Kitchen Speed”) to learn the drift and speed for scoring. An 8. Shooting these “Practice Shots” at “Kitchen Speed” will not give you the drift and speed for scoring.

You have used your “Practice Shots” to the best advantage, and have gained all the information that the “Rules” permit.

You have now gained all the information that the “Rules” permit.

In addition, it is always “smart” to watch your opponent’s “Practice”, to learn his “drift”. You will then know the safest area to place your disc.

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