Wilbur Estes WE 03 DVD Article. ACCURACY. Posted 2020 07 15.


Accuracy is only one element of a winning game, and may be the least important.

If you could execute with 100% accuracy, but always used the wrong play, you would lose many games.

Most people believe that the (link to)Clearing Game means simply, “Clear the board, and make your hammer”. This assumption fails to recognize the philosophy and the mathematics of the Clearing Game. The Clearing Game consists of many different plays that constitute (link to)The Game Plan. Sometimes clearing is required, — sometimes not.

Clearing without purpose does nothing to produce a win. The clearing game consists of controlled clearing, and each clearing shot is a part of a calculated play

As you continue reading you will learn how to determine when you must clear, — and when you must not.

The Modular System explicitly defines the game situation.

The Game Plan provides the strategy, — and controls clearing. Therefore, clearing is an important subject.

Normally, only one play is proper, and that play is obvious, once you are familiar with The Modular System and The Game Plan. Only a lack of discipline will allow you to use the wrong play. The clearing game will not assure a win every game, but it will place the control, and the responsibility, in your hands.

The Modular System shows exactly what you need to do in every situation. The Game Plan recommends the play that provides the best chance of doing it.

Plays that The Game Plan does not recommend often conceal unfavorable percentages, which if used, result disastrously.

When you review a loss (which is always a good idea), refer to The Modular System and The Game Plan, you will find out why you lost. Knowing why you lost allows you to avoid repeating these mistakes.

In serious tournament play, Trailer Park Shuffleboard often leads quickly to a loss.

However, it is ironic that, when all hope is lost, Trailer Park Shuffleboard will sometimes save the game.

When the game seems lost and it is too late to take control, only your “good luck” (and your opponent’s poor shooting) can save it. Anything, — even Trailer Park Shuffleboard, — is acceptable.


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3 Responses to Wilbur Estes WE 03 DVD Article. ACCURACY. Posted 2020 07 15.

  1. debsturat says:

    Thank you!


  2. susan b. daidone says:

    You have pointed out several things that I have never thought about playing this great game. Thank you so much for bringing these ideas to our attention..I hope the weather and virus both cool down soon so I can go out and try some of these points out. Enjoying your information. I share your article with my shuffle family email which reaches over 100 player. Sue Daidone Bradenton Shuffle Club


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