Wilbur Makes More Sense!!! NOW!!!

Particularly for new Pro’s or those that haven’t been Pros for long or even those Pros that don’t often win, reading and paying attention to Wilbur’s writings would do you good. They make far more sense now than they did originally. I came up in an era of real hot shots: Stan Williamson, Chuck Stansburg, George Shaver, Mel Erb, Jim Bailey, Henry Strong, Jim Miller, Ken Offenter and others and believe me these guys could and did run rough shod, playing right or wrong, over whom ever and we were battling the likes of Glen Peltier, Dave Minnich, Jac Bergeron, Dave Stott, Skip McCoy, Mike Vassalotti and others and that’s just at the State Level.

Now things are different; the tournaments aren’t as large but the best players are still playing; no easy matches anymore. I guess maybe the guys that have been telling me that I should hear “the footsteps coming” may be right. Maybe I’ll need to start playing the game correctly!

Earl Ball 7-15-2020

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