Earl’ Back Surgery Update: 2020 07 16

I went to see the surgeon today for a follow-up appointment. She felt I was doing very well and what pain I was still experiencing was from healing, considering the operation was only 3 weeks ago.

She said I could start swimming and walking and using my 3-pound weights as much as I like.

Hendersonville is a go and will be a bit of a challenge for Cindy and I. We will go see the “CHER” concert on Tuesday the 8th of September in the evening; the concert was a birthday gift for Cindy back in March but was rescheduled because of the virus. On Wednesday the 9th we will fly to Ashville and play the Eastern National Doubles on Thursday the 10th. Adventure is so much fun!!

Now for the best part, she has turned me loose, after only 3-weeks, to play shuffleboard if I am reasonable about it, and as we all know I am very reasonable. Ut, I hear you snickering!!  Glen nn’s, I know your chucking but also smiling because you know!

When I left the Doctor’s office, I decided I should cool it and not rush back this afternoon, I could wait until tomorrow morning.

Earl Ball


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6 Responses to Earl’ Back Surgery Update: 2020 07 16

  1. Glenn Monroe says:

    Yeah, I see you taking it easy, Earl! Good luck with your recovery and your return to the courts.


  2. susan b. daidone says:

    A good shuffler just never gives up!!! Just don’t over do right away. So glad that you waited until today to start again. Good Luck in the coming days. Sue DAidone BSC


  3. debsturat says:

    Good news. Congratulations!!!


  4. seliseq1 says:

    So glad you are recovering successfully, Earl . . looking forward to seeing you & Cindy in Sept. Take it easy so there will be no set-backs! Sandi & Stan


  5. Harold Thorne says:

    Great news, Earl !


  6. John Roberson says:

    More prayers answered, great report.


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