Dr. Bob Jones Jr. Reports on the 2020 Lakeside Nationals

Congratulations to the Lakeside Shuffleboard Club and the Ohio State Shuffleboard Association, respectively led by Rich Phifer and Bill Hoyer.  The 2020 Lakeside Nationals were a great success.  We wondered if anyone from outside Lakeside would play.  We had a most wonderful happy surprise!  In addition to a great turnout from all around Ohio, shufflers new and old, Hall of Famers, pros, and amateurs, age 16 and up from at least six other states came to play in the adult tournaments which all had strong fields that produced worthy USA NSA champions.   Junior players represented even more states!

I am very proud of our shuffleboard community who all adjusted to pandemic precautions.  We all wore masks, maintained appropriate physical distance, and followed standard infection prevention protocols.  Match formats were adjusted to shorten time spent on the court and keep the tournaments moving forward.    It certainly felt different, but the kindness, grace, and sportsmanship of shuffleboard was on full display.  We all figured out how to have fellowship, catch up with old friends, and make new friends while 6 feet away.

Non-walking singles played one 16 frame match, 8 frames on each color.  Walking singles played two out three 12 frame games, the last game 6 frames on each color.  Doubles format was a 24 frame match, 12 frames on each color.

17 women played the non-walking singles.  Dianna Allen from Florida beat Grace Carpenter from Kentucky.

25 men played the non-walking singles.  The finals was a rematch of the 2013 ISA World Singles between Ohio’s Bill Hoyer and Florida’s Ken Offenther.  This time Bill emerged as the winner.

13 men played the walking singles.  In a rematch of last year’s final, Bob Sudomir and Bob Jones, Jr., both from Ohio, again played 3 close tense games, with Sudomir winning  for the 6th consecutive year, giving him a total of 13 singles and 8 doubles national titles.

9 teams  played women’s doubles.  Dianna Allen teamed with Ohio’s Mamie Morton to win the title.  Dianna was the only player this year to win twice.  They beat Lakeside’s Shirley Briegel and Carol Haines in the final.

19 mens doubles team signed up.  Ken Offenther and Bob Hovatter from Florida earned the title by beating Ohio’s Bob Sudomir and Chris Cermak who were seeking their 8th doubles title together.  Big congratulations to Bob Hovatter for earning his first national points with a victory!

In the Junior division, for ages 15 and under, Emmet Hartman from New York beat Zachery Seifert from Virginia in the boy’s final.   Maelan Lacey from Ohio earned the girls title by beating Ohio’s Angelina Swallow  in the girls championship match.  We are excited to see these great young players join the senior ranks soon.

None of us knows what the next stage of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic will bring.  As we learn to live with COVID-19 disease in our midst, hopefully we can love each other, keep each other safe, and play a little shuffleboard.

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7 Responses to Dr. Bob Jones Jr. Reports on the 2020 Lakeside Nationals

  1. seliseq1 says:

    Wonderful report, Bob, thank you!! Congratulations to all winners and so glad there was such a good turn-out. There is no more beautiful place to shuffle than Lakeside, except for maybe Hendersonville. Hope to see you here in Sept.??? Sandi


  2. debsturat says:

    What a great re-cap! Thank you so much for all the information — including how you played and changed the games for Covid. And the winners — awesome congratulations to all!


  3. Glenn Monroe says:

    Congratulations to Lakeside and all winners and participants. Thanks for the great report, Bob.


  4. Shirley & John Houser says:

    Congratulations to all of the players in these tournaments! Big shout out to those that placed well and a big hand to all of the volunteers that made it all possible. I applaud the leadership who took a chance in a time of challenge and arranged this Shuffleboard event enjoyed by many! Hoorah!! John Houser, President USA NSA.

    On Fri, Jul 24, 2020, 10:10 AM Your Source for Shuffleboard News wrote:

    > stanistheman posted: ” Congratulations to the Lakeside Shuffleboard Club > and the Ohio State Shuffleboard Association, respectively led by Rich > Phifer and Bill Hoyer. The 2020 Lakeside Nationals were a great success. > We wondered if anyone from outside Lakeside w” >


  5. Earl A Ball says:

    Nice job Bob!
    I wouldn’t expect less.


  6. Kbrennan says:

    I’m glad you had a safe and successful tournament


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