Judy Sudomir Gives Us A Follow-up to Dr. Bob Jones’ Report!!

Hello Superfans! Yesterday, in a nail biter of a game against Dr. Bob Jones, gentleman shuffleboarder, Mr. Bob Sudomir managed to win another National Singles title. In a masked, socially distant match-up limited to 12 frames the Bobs kept us guessing the entire time.

Of course they went to 3 games, and in the 4th to the last frame Mr. Bob gave up 15 points on his hammer to Dr. Bob. The situation was dire and I prepared the children for a runner up finish. But, you just never can predict where this game will go. Remarkably, Mr. Bob made up 14 in one of the final three frames.

Dr. Bob was down by 10 and the last frame was his hammer. It came down to the final shot, both Bobs had one in the kitchen and Dr. Bob needed to knock his out to stay alive and maybe go into extra frames. Alas, it was blocked too well and the final shot didn’t manage to clear the discs in the kitchen. The final score was 23, 33.

Congratulations to both Bobs and thanks for the great show.

Thank You Judy for your exciting report!!

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3 Responses to Judy Sudomir Gives Us A Follow-up to Dr. Bob Jones’ Report!!

  1. Earl Ball says:

    Nice job Judy!
    I bet it was exciting and wish I could have been there to see It.


  2. debsturat says:

    Thank you — fun to read!


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