News From St Louis: Bob Brumback Leaves Us by Stu Cassell.

Bob Brumback:  On June 16th the St. Louis Shuffleboard Club lost a member.  Bob Brumback was our oldest member, and one of the original founders of our club.  Regrettably, Bob lost his life from injuries he suffered while riding a 4 wheel recreational vehicle.  Bob is survived by his wife and former doubles partner, Ruth.

Bob served as our first club secretary, and was always quick to volunteer in any tournament he competed in.  I remember seeing Bob and Ruth staying late at the National Senior Games a year ago to sweep the beads and help roll up the courts.  As a result of their efforts, for the past 3 NSG’s they were able to bring back large bags of beads for the club.

Bob was one of our best players, and he was one of those guys who eased up when he played a weaker player in practice games.  In fact, with some of our beginners, Bob played left-handed, and I might add, he still won.

Each Winter Bob and Ruth would head for Texas in their RV and play shuffleboard with friends they made years ago.

Bob was good at a lot of sports, and besides competing in shuffleboard, he also bowled, and was very good in archery.  He was one of the leaders of a local archery club here in St. Louis.  He will be sorely missed.

Here is a video I made in memory of our dear friend Bob Brumback: STU CASSELL. 2020 07 24.

Bob Brumback

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3 Responses to News From St Louis: Bob Brumback Leaves Us by Stu Cassell.

  1. debsturat says:

    So sorry for the loss this gentleman who appears to be a lovely person


  2. Joan McCurdy says:

    My condolence to Ruth and your family.
    I can see that Bob was a real gentleman.


  3. Earl A Ball says:

    I’m sorry we lost Bob, but he went as an athlete, the way he lived life. My condolences to his family.


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