Playing during the pandemic by Stu Cassell.

We stopped playing at our Winter location, the Salvation Army Citadel Community Center, back in early March.  Usually, once we have good weather we would move our play outside to Des Peres park, where they have 3 shuffleboard courts.  The park underwent a major renovation this year, and we had to wait until June 10th to try out 3 new courts.

Due to the Coronavirus, only 8 of our members play there now. Those that are playing all wear masks, and observe social distancing.  St. Louis in the summer, is much like Florida in terms of heat and humidity.  I’ve lived in both places, and we’re just slightly less hot and humid.  Wearing a mask in this heat is not fun, plus with social distancing, games take a little longer to play.  We only play on courts 1 and 3.

The new courts are purposely graded so rain water drains off the court into a rain garden.  Because of that they all drift to the side of the rain garden.  On court #1 the drift is at least a foot or more.  Yeah, what I call a “Fun House Drift.” 

The members that are playing twice a week at Des Peres have to adopt other new habits during the pandemic.  They no longer bring goodies to share with their friends, and instead of shaking hands after a game, they touch sticks.  Only one person draws our court assignment cards for everyone, and only one person touches each score sheet clipboard.  When we’re done playing only the person that owns the disks picks them up.   Even using the nearby restroom requires a safety protocol.  After using the door handle I lock the bathroom door, then wash my hands.  When I’m done using the bathroom I wash my hands again and use a paper towel to shut off the faucet.  Then I use another paper towel to unlock the door, and my shoulder to open the door so I don’t touch anything again.

Some of our members with pre-existing conditions or who have people living with them with medical conditions, have stayed away from the twice a week game sessions.  Some haven’t gone into a store for months.  So far, we’ve had a few self-quarantines when a grandchild either contracted the virus, or someone a relative came in contact with tested positive for the virus.  Thank God none of our members have contracted the virus themselves.

Here in Missouri, as well as St. Louis, the cases have recently set new records for testing positive in a single day.  These are indeed scary times.

Be careful, and be safe everyone.

Stu Cassell – St. Louis Shuffleboard Club 2020 07 24.

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3 Responses to Playing during the pandemic by Stu Cassell.

  1. debsturat says:

    Thank you for sharing!!


  2. Joan McCurdy says:

    Best wishes.


  3. Earl A Ball says:

    Good to hear from you Stan, at least a few places are playing some.


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