“What’s The Rule?” By State TD Glenn Monroe. 2020 07 26

The Shuffler has arranged with FSA State Tournament Director Glenn Monroe to answer your questions relative to The Rules!! Thus the title: “What’s The Rule?”

If You have a question you would like answered, send it to Glenn at: gamonroe@gmail.com

Unless otherwise stated, the most recent rules and regulations of the Florida Shuffleboard Association shall be used to answer all questions.

  1. I dropped my cue on the court when I shot so I picked it up. My opponent said I should be penalized because my disc hadn’t stopped on the other end. Is he right?

    So long as the cue did not touch a live disc or interfere with a player on another court, there is no penalty for dropping the cue. (Rules C.15 & C.15.a). There is no penalty for picking up the cue as the prohibition against touching the court only applies during the act of shooting. (Rule C.5). While a player at the shooting end of a court must not, under most circumstances, cross the baseline of the court, logic dictates that a fallen cue must be retrieved before play can continue. Therefore, a player who has accidentally dropped his cue may cross the baseline without penalty to retrieve it. If it is apparent that the player is intentionally dropping his cue as an excuse to cross the baseline in order to get a better view of the discs at the other end of the court, the player may be penalized under Rule C.19.

  2. It was my turn, so I went down to the lag line to see what the situation was. My opponent said I couldn’t do that. I can go down to the lag line, can’t I?

If singles, you can (See Rule F.1).
If doubles, you cannot. Rule C.6.a states, “The area between the baseline of the court and on the imaginary line, even with the back of the bench, and bounded on the sides by the farthest line of each adjoining alley, should be considered part of the court.” Crossing the baseline while at the shooting end of the court, except as noted in Question 1, would constitute leaving the court and be a violation of Rule C.8.

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2 Responses to “What’s The Rule?” By State TD Glenn Monroe. 2020 07 26

  1. debsturat says:

    Thank you!


  2. susan b. daidone says:

    I want to let all shufflers know that John Brown is in the hospital for a medical issue..Dolores said she will update me as she finds out results of tests that are being done. Please pray for both of them at this time. Thanks , Sue Daidone


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