DAVE MINNICH “HALL OF FAMER” Kenny Offenther alerted me to the article I am about to insert > an article by Earl Ball reacting to this article: https://theshuffler.net/2020/06/21/new-did-you-know-by-kenny-offenther/

Earl Ball Speaks: Kenny Offenther received a note that Dave Minnich also won the roll of Champions Championship when he was President of the FSA and it’s true. He and I tied for the Championship in 2003/04, Dave was in his last year as FSA President. Yes, Dave Kudro did win the Championship last year as FSA President. A number of great players have been President of the FSA and during their term they haven’t all faired very well. It’s a job that has many distractions. Last year is a good example; Dave Kudro looked like he was going to burn the record book up in the first five tournaments scoring nearly half the points he scored for the season. I have personal experience with the distractions; back in the very early 2000’s Dave Minnich asked me to take over 1st VP because someone had resigned. I couldn’t concentrate on the game with players coming up and tapping me on the shoulder and saying I don’t mean to interrupt but what about this problem or hearing a conversation taking place behind me where the facts were wrong and I would stop and get involved so the misinformation didn’t get spread around. It occurred to me that the reason I quit working was so I could play, not do what I had done for 30 years in managing problems, I also resigned.

Anyone on any board has to be appreciated because I’m sure they would be more successful as players if they didn’t have the distractions.

Earl 7-31-2020

Look Back to 2005!! “

Dave Minnich will be inducted into the Florida Shuffleboard “Hall of Fame”, Player Category, on January 17th, 2005, at the HOF Banquet at Sarasota, FL.  Dave was inducted into the President’s Category at the Hall of Fame Banquet of 2004.  Induction now, into the Player Category, has special meaning by reason of being able to amass player points while occupying the office of President.  All who have held office know how difficult it is to answer questions, hold a conversation and settle a dispute~~all while trying to concentrate on your game.  Dave has always been one of shuffleboard’s most committed individuals, having held one or more offices at the same time since he began shuffling.  He began as league captain for his park, became a club officer, and was elected to the Clearwater Club Board of Directors and on to West Coast District President and Keeper of Records.  As if that wasn’t enough, he was asked to join the Florida Shuffleboard Association Board of Directors and the rest, as they say, is history.  Dave is one of Florida’s top players as evidenced by his qualifying for the State “Masters” each of the last five years.  In 2003-2004, he was “Roll of Champions” co-champion and is the defending Florida State Singles Champion.  He also won the Eastern National Singles Championship to “get” his National Pin.  The presentation of the coveted National Pin was greeted by a warm and enthusiastic round of applause because Dave had been chasing the rainbow for years~~only to be brides made on several occasions.  This summer he added the Eastern National Doubles to his collection.  Dave represented the USA at the International Games held in Goderich, Ontario, and had been selected to represent the US at the ill-fated Halifax, Nova Scotia Games.  Dave and wife Sue owned their own business in the great State of Pennsylvania before retiring to enjoy the Sunshine of Florida during the winter and the Mountains of North Carolina during the summer.  They have four children and eight grandchildren that they visit each summer in Pennsylvania.  Congratulations Dave on this well deserved and significant accomplishment!!  

Dave made Pro during the 94/95 season.  His 1st year as a Pro was 95/96.

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11 Responses to DAVE MINNICH “HALL OF FAMER” Kenny Offenther alerted me to the article I am about to insert > an article by Earl Ball reacting to this article: https://theshuffler.net/2020/06/21/new-did-you-know-by-kenny-offenther/

  1. seliseq1 says:

    Dave & Sue Minnich are super, wonderful people! And, great shufflers! Stan & I have been so blessed by their friendship and are so glad we got to know them. Sandi Q.


  2. mike marquis says:

    Sue is a great person and shuffler. I didn’t know Dave when he had skills and didn’t kitchen his own disk. Dave must have had some really good partners. All I know is that I will miss our amiable conversations next year since he has retired (LONG OVERDUE). wish you both the best. MIke Marquis


    • Dave Minnich says:

      I did have good partners and , more importantly, good people. However, I only ever played with one partner who cleared his own winning disc off the board. Thank you, Mike, for being a good friend.


  3. Earl Ball says:

    Dave and Sue are a great couple and wonderful friends; they have contributed a great deal of time and energy to the FSA. Dave, whose background was business, was a fine President, the best in my era. Dave’s career and mine paralleled each other a great deal of time. he was a traffic, bulldog, type of competitor, never gave up and a great partner, ever encouraging. It really bothers me that Dave has retired his cue; did I mention our careers have paralleled each other.


    • Dave Minnich says:

      Thank you, Earl, for those kind words. Yes, we did have careers that pararalled each other, including that tie and going in to the National HOF the same year. However, there is that points thing where we vary—1,000+ vs. 448.


  4. Glen Peltier says:

    Dave,if you ever decide to come back look me up. Our total age will be close to 170 years old but we might get lucky.


  5. John Houghtaling says:

    One of the “TRUE GENTLEMAN” of our sport not to mention his great athletic abilities on the courts!!!! I have been very blessed to know both David and his wife Sue and the many unselfish contributions both of them have made to the great game of Shuffle Board!!!!.


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