Glen Peltier Expresses His Appreciation to FL Shufflers!!!

GLEN SPEAKS: We do not know how this unprecedented year will end but all shufflers hope for the best for all of us, and for the game of shuffleboard.  The game has been great for so many people, and I am confident that it will have a wonderful future. 

My career is winding down.  I plan on going on as long as I am able, but the end is in sight.  I want to take this opportunity to thank the shufflers of FL for all you have done for me.  It was such an honor to be inducted into the US NSA Hall of Fame, to be elected to the office of President of the West Coast District.  What an honour to be elected to the FSA Board, and finally to be elected to the office of President of the FSA.

Each of the above honors made me feel so accepted, culminating with the high honor of being elected to the office of PRESIDENT OF THE FSA!! 


Glen Peltier.  2020 07 31

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7 Responses to Glen Peltier Expresses His Appreciation to FL Shufflers!!!

  1. John Mickle says:

    Your thoughts thoughts are absolutely great Glenn. . . As guests in Florida we are always treated like first class citizens especially when it comes to enjoying Shuttle Board. A special thanks to the good old US of A.

    John Mickle (Canadian). Past President of the Trailer Estates shuffle board club.


  2. John d Houghtaling says:

    Thank YOU Glen for all that you accomplished within the game as well as the administration end of our sport!!!!


  3. susan b. daidone says:

    The BSC wishes you well in what ever and when ever comes next in your life’s journey..I never got to meet you but I have seen you play and was greatly impressed with your playing. Sue Daidone BSC…


  4. Hank Hoekstra says:

    Glen, I had responded that the one thing to tell a new player was to read your book. It did not make the cut on responses, but I never understood the game well enough to understand what the scoreboard was telling me until I read your book. I haven’t been able to play lately because of a back problem, but still think of it as a great game made better by you, so thank you.


  5. Darden & Jackie Nelms says:

    Glenn, It has been many years since I have been in FL, shuffling and working with you on many projects. It has been my pleasure to have been your friend and associate, as well as fellow shuffler. You have brought much to the sport and I hope you continue as long as possible. Take care old friend.
    Darden and Jackie


  6. Joseph J. Kent says:

    Your pleasant attitude has always shown you to be a kind and thoughtful representative of a great game. May we be blessed with a long presence of your playing. The new players need the help and guidance of a truly thoughtful and friendly senior player. Do not ride off into the sunset stay awhile and add your kindly quiet manner as the way all players should emulate…. Sincerely Joseph. J. Kent.


  7. Ursula and Moe Joyal, SCC says:

    Please do not ride off into the “sunset” yet for we have not had the chance to meet and take a few lessons from you! Ride your horse away from the sunset and prance around for a while at least until we get on our horse and gallop your way.


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