Winning Tips by Earl Ball, Article 15 of the Series. 2020 07 31.


For cryin out loud I don’t understand why it’s so hard to grasp that principle!  So many players insist on shooting hide blocks for the kitchen and all they do is leave a hide and even if they get the opponent in the kitchen, the opponent blasts it out and still has the hide.  Get on the Board; if the opponent sticks and you shoot him in the kitchen he now has two problems to deal with and you have a chance to make hay while the sun shines!  Now there are times when you have no choice; if you are playing the foot and the other team is in the 70’s with the next two hammers, go ahead and fire away with your hammer.  Or if they have two dead blocks on the court and you are shooting your 3rd shot and they are in the 70’s, go ahead and use your last two shots trying to save the day.

There are some top shelf pros that will shoot the hide block for the kitchen, Stan Williamson and Chuck Stansburge come to mind; they aren’t concerned with leaving a hide or leaving you a 7.  As far as they are concerned they are putting a block in play, if they shoot you long they like nothing better than to have you try to hide or put one in play as they would say, “for them to work with.”  Be wary of these guys, but otherwise be grateful that some players never learn to stop shooting hide blocks for the kitchen.

Watch out for the sucker hide too!  If it looks too good to be true, maybe it is.  Maybe you can’t get in and they know it or maybe they need you on the board somehow.  I remember being at 68 with the hammer from the foot against Lary Faris in my early years and he put up a poor Tampa for himself but I cleared it; the next one was even poorer, kind of on the point, but I cleared it; the next one was a perfect one for me, I thought how can this guy be so far off, I hide leaving just a fraction open, well you know what happened, in I went!  Watch Out, not everything is as it appears!!  Earl Ball 2006 08 01. 

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