Earl Ball Gives His Feelings vis-a-vis the commencement of the Season!!


I am thrilled that we have a plan to start the FSA shuffleboard season on time. None of us can expect anything that would be easy with all that has happened; normal is no more and how many of us have said we should be doing things like pre-registration for a long time now or having the computer do the draw( we aren’t quite there but not far off). Everyone of us has gotten sick in past seasons because someone played sick and we caught it; what do we say, they should know better; well now they will know better.

I have always said the same thing: tell me where the tournament is being played and what the rules are and I’ll decide if I want to play. Everyone can now make their decision the same way.

I CONGRATULATE all those who had a hand in this most difficult decision. Some will be happy, others not so much, hang tough!

Earl 8-3-2020

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2 Responses to Earl Ball Gives His Feelings vis-a-vis the commencement of the Season!!

  1. Joan McCurdy says:

    Thank you to all who care so much to help keep everyone in our sport safe.


  2. Peter White says:

    I can conform to all of the rules, but I draw the line on shuffling with a mask


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