Message from the FSA President, David Kudro. 2020 08 03. (As posted on the FSA Website.)

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August 1, 2020

All F.S.A. Members, Clubs, Tournament Directors and District Boards

Enclosure: Pandemic Protocols for F.S.A. Tournaments

Greetings to all:

In response to limitations instituted to control the COVID-19 pandemic, the F.S.A. Executive Board, in conjunction with the Rules Committee and the State Tournament Director, has devised a set of protocols to be implemented for the upcoming shuffleboard season. The protocols may be revised as dictated by the F.S.A. or other competent authority.

District Boards and Host Clubs should familiarized themselves with guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control (, State and Local governments and facility owners.

All Host Clubs must notify the F.S.A. Keeper of Records in writing prior to September 16, 2020 that they either agree to abide by these protocols and those issued by Federal, State and Local authorities and facility owners, or that they decline to host under these provisions. Host clubs who decline to host or fail to respond in a timely manner face reassignment of their tournament(s) during the period that these protocols are in effect.


David Kudro


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2 Responses to Message from the FSA President, David Kudro. 2020 08 03. (As posted on the FSA Website.)

  1. Earl Ball says:

    Good job Dave!
    Under the circumstances, we at least have a chance to start the season on time.


  2. Elaine Antaya says:

    Dave thank you to you and your executive for all the hard work . Safety is the priority. Sure hoping we see all this season ,FINGERS CROSSED


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