Archival Item: Saga of the White Swan!! Shuffling with Success!! 2004 Event!!

A Great Read of a Great Event!!! Stan

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Bromley Glen & SylviaSaga of the White Swan!! Shuffling with Success!! 2004 Event!! Pic Taken in AZ, not AB???

If you have been following the success of the White Swan, in Athabasca, AB, you will want to find out just what happened at the June, 2004 Event!!   Note that I have not referred to the White Swan as a “tournament”~~ it seems to me that it is far more than that!! It is a place for people with a common interest to meet, to enjoy each other’s friendship while participating in many of the Summer Activities we have grown to enjoy during our lifetime.   Of course, the one activity which is the catalyst, is shuffling! I do hope that as you read this article and the previous articles below, you will grasp the meaning of what I am endeavouring to convey!!                              You may also want to consider the necessary ingredients for such an…

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