Wilbur Estes 2006 05 WE New Beginning. W4

A Shuffleboard book is a mystery, but is not a story.

It has no beginning.  It has no plot (except that which we use to defeat our opponent), and it has no ending.

A  Shuffleboard “How to …” book, is a series of thoughts, instructions, philosophies, psychologies, explanations and observations.  It has no ending.  Learning continues as long as we continue to play, — and perhaps, after we can play no longer.

We question.  “Which came first, the chicken, or the egg?”

The same question arises when assembling “The Facts of Shuffleboard Life”.

In this series of articles for “Wilbur’s Page, I can say that I started where I started, simply because what I wrote was the first thought that came to mind.

There will be no hierarchy of importance in subsequent articles (who can determine which is most important?).  These articles will be based upon what I see in tournament, and other, play.  Such observation will bring new thoughts to mind, or allow me to present old writings in different words.

The last article I write may be the most important, or an earlier one may hold that honor. Who knows? I don’t.

However, I believe it is important for the Future of Shuffleboard, to provide the information, regardless of the relative importance of single articles.

WILBUR ~~ THE GUY WHO WROTE THE BOOK!! (Written in 2006; Posted on 2020 08 04)

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1 Response to Wilbur Estes 2006 05 WE New Beginning. W4

  1. Joan McCurdy says:

    All information is good. Thank you.


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