I just wish we knew more facts regarding the covid 19.  Most of the people want to comply if we thought it all made more sense.  I read that in Florida the Hispanics make up 44% of all the deaths.  That people from nursing homes and people of colour plus the front line workers  make up 45%.  I understand Hendersonville shuffleboard is doing great.  Michigan and Ohio are also doing well.  The one club that i know of in Ontario is doing well. I believe most shuffleboard people know what we have to do to stay safe. I have not heard of one shuffleboard person that has died over the summer from covid 19. Don,t get me wrong,  i take every precaution because i don,t intend on getting it..I feel like in Clearwater we have 52 courts. Lots of places in our sheltered courts, outdoor courts, entra large clubhouse,  mens washroom have three urinals, five sit down stalls, three sinks to wash hands, I believe more areas that are open gives us more opportunities to keep our distance. We are the older generation but we are much smarter and we know how to stay safe.  One other thing is we don,t have to attend a tournament if we chose not to.  I don,t feel in this case one rule fits all. I trust the fsa board and i think they will appreciate how we feel. After all we are all in this thing together.  And much can change in two months.

Glen Peltier. 2020 08 05

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  1. tom W. says:

    I’ll try to be positive, but the rules set forth, in my view will kill shuffleboard on the east coast, CEC anyway. Wickham Park has 12 courts, Vero has 10 courts, lakes of Melbourne has only 8 courts and of course Tropical Haven has, I think 20 courts. If you can only play on half the courts and then only have twice the amount of people as courts, you won’t have much of a tournament. That plus the fact the only facility allowing outside players is Wickham Park and Vero. I’m guessing here, but I don’t see the CEC having a season, or at least the first half of a season. We don’t have the facilities or the people required to do all the things that is being required of us. I hope I’m wrong. I want folks to be safe and no one wants anyone to become ill. I don’t know what the solution is or will be, but at this point I’m not very optimistic.


  2. Ron says:

    Can Canadians leave Canada, for the shuffleboard season, and return after per current rules?


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