“What’s the Rule”? by State TD Glenn Monroe. 2020 08 10

The Shuffler has arranged with FSA State Tournament Director Glenn Monroe to answer your questions relative to The Rules!! Thus the title: “What’s The Rule?”

If You have a question you would like answered, send it to Glenn at: gamonroe@gmail.com

Unless otherwise stated, the most recent rules and regulations of the Florida Shuffleboard Association shall be used to answer all questions.

  1. My opponent would start talking to me every time I started to shoot; can he do


No, he cannot. Rule C.11 states, “Players must not talk or make remarks to disconcert the opponent’s play.” The next time it happens, remind your opponent of the rule and, if necessary, notify the tournament director.

  • I shot a disc and my opponent knocked it off before it stopped. Is he allowed to do that?

    Absolutely not! Shooting before an opponent’s disc comes to rest is a major violation: 10-Off plus any 10-Offs the offender has on the board.  The other good discs of the offender shall not count.  The opponent’s good discs on the court, prior to the offense, shall be credited to the opponent’s score, except any 10-Offs.  The half-round shall be played over unless the game point has been reached by the opponent. (Rule C.12)
    Note that it is not necessary for any disc to be hit by the illegal shot. The mere fact that the shot was taken before your disc came to a stop is sufficient to invoke the penalty.
    Also notice that the frame is not necessarily played over. If, because of the penalty, the game point has been reached by the non-offender, the game ends without replay of the end.
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3 Responses to “What’s the Rule”? by State TD Glenn Monroe. 2020 08 10

  1. connieroop says:

    What about your opponent whistling and tapping when you are taking your shot?


  2. connieroop says:

    What if your opponent is whistling or tapping while you shot?


  3. debsturat says:

    Thank you!
    Wonder, tho, who has to see that offense for it to be ruled “not ok”. (Shooting disc before other stops) As it could be a “he said, he said” type thing.


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