Wilbur Estes 05 11 16 “Series; Article 4, HOW TO DEAL WITH AN OPPONENT’S SNUGGLE. Posted 2020 08 11.

Although you know Snuggles are not Percentage Play, and do not believe in Snuggling, most Players like Snuggles, therefore, you will have to deal with Snuggles.

Poor Snuggles are no problem — but what do you do about Good Snuggles?

Don’t fool around with a Good Snuggle. Clear it. Do not try to save your Good Disc. Hit Your Opponent’s Snuggle, Off-Center and hit it hard.

Any other Play is Trailer Park Shuffleboard, which simply allows “Too Many Discs on the Board.

When Your Opponent Snuggles your disc, your disc is vulnerable to the Kitchen.

If you then Snuggle Your Opponent’s Snuggle, three discs will be snuggled, two of yours and one of his, but yours is still vulnerable. In this situation he can hit your last disc, put your First Disc in the Kitchen and have two Good Discs. This Play happens often.

Therefore, much depends upon who has the Hammer, how many discs remain, and whose disc is nearest the Kitchen.

Obviously, when your disc is nearest to the Kitchen, if you really need a Score, your safest Play is to hit Your Opponent’s disc hard enough to put your disc through the Kitchen, and keep your Cue Disc Snuggled above Your Opponent’s disc. The problem is now his. His disc is nearest the Kitchen, and vulnerable.

If you are Baiting — it is because you need a Kitchen. Getting it this way is a good as any other.

An Opponent who believes Snuggling is Good Playing will Snuggle often, and because the Percentages assure Poor Snuggles, he will often Snuggle poorly.

These players love Snuggles — when they work. When you Clear successfully they quickly abandon the tactic for a different Play.

When you have the Hammer and Your Opponent risks a Snuggle with his Last Disc, you must decide how his Score affects the Module Relationship. It may be the mistake that allows you to Score a necessary Two Discs. The Modules tell you what you need to do.

A snuggled pigeon

When you have the Hammer, some players think it is a good Play to Snuggle your pigeon (your disc on the 7-10-Off Line) with their Last Disc.

They think you will be afraid to shoot at their Good Disc, and they will gain a Score.

This Play is only as good as you permit.

You may think you can shoot at Kitchen Speed, hit Your Opponent’s disc on the side, and make him 10-Off, and you 7. Two factors show that this is low Percentage Play.

In reality you are shooting at your own disc at Kitchen Speed — which is never a Smart Play.

The Speed and Distance make Drift hard to calculate. Slight inaccuracy may put you 20-Off. Obviously, a complete Miss at Kitchen Speed can only result in a Kitchen.

To counter this Play, with the least amount of risk, shoot at Clearing Speed and try to hit Your Opponent’s disc very slightly off center — on the side closest to the edge of the Court.

Your Cue Disc will be exposed to the shortest portion of the Kitchen.

Your Opponent’s disc will hit your Pigeon almost straight, and slide lengthwise along the longest part of the Kitchen. Your Pigeon will go beyond the Baseline with little chance of staying in the Kitchen.

Your Cue Disc will usually stay almost at the Point of Impact.

Because you are trying to hit his disc very slightly Off-Center you have a larger target than when shooting to “Cut” his disc away from yours. The greater Speed reduces the influence of Drift, and also reduces the chance you will “Nick” your “Pigeon” into the Kitchen. Your Cue Disc will not go into the Kitchen if you Miss completely.

The Shot will kill Your Opponent’s Snuggle and often allows you to Score Your Hammer — and sometimes puts him in the Kitchen.

Your Opponent tried a difficult Shot. Yours, although not easy, has a better chance of success.

It is always best to encourage Your Opponent to try the difficult Shots, while you try those less difficult.

When you need one disc to go out

When Your Opponent Baits, and you need one Score to get into a higher Module (or to go out), you may be tempted to Snuggle.

Don’t do it — even if you sincerely believe your record for perfect Snuggles is unblemished (How could you believe that?). Snuggling is still Poor Playing.

It is very possible an opponent will Bait when he is Ahead, however, when he is Baiting, the odds are that you are Ahead — there is “no way” that you need to Snuggle.

Clear — stay off the Board.

Play to Win.

    Several unusual, and productive, plays are available when you can afford to be Kitchened.

    At the Foot, you can afford a Kitchen when 10-Off will not put you into a lower Module.

    11, 27, 43, 59 are the Lower Limits of their Modules

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