“What’s the Rule”? by State TD Glenn Monroe. Posted 2020 08 12.

The Shuffler has arranged with FSA State Tournament Director Glenn Monroe to answer your questions relative to The Rules!! Thus the title: “What’s The Rule?”

If You have a question you would like answered, send it to Glenn at: gamonroe@gmail.com

Unless otherwise stated, the most recent rules and regulations of the Florida Shuffleboard Association shall be used to answer all questions.

  1. What if your opponent is whistling or tapping while you shoot?

    Both would be improper actions and could fall under one of three rules.
    a. C.9 – Players shall not stand in the way of, or have a cue in the way of, or interfere with any other players at any time (5-Off).
    b. C.11 – Players must not talk or make remarks to disconcert the opponent’s play (10-Off).
    c. C.19 – In case of an improper action of a player not specifically covered by the rules … (10-Off).

    The choice of which rule to apply would be at the discretion of the tournament director.

  2. In reading the new pandemic protocols I see that the use of fans is prohibited. What about handheld personal fans?

    The “no fans” rule comes from a CDC recommendation against using fans capable of moving air from one person to another thereby increasing the risk of cross contamination. If a handheld fan is incapable of moving air six feet and the flow is not directed at another person, I see no reason why it cannot be used.
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