Earl Ball Congratulates the Ohio State (OSSA) (2020 08 14)


It shows what a leader who inspires the people around him can cause to happen. There were a lot of reasons why it couldn’t be done, shouldn’t be done or wouldn’t be done; but you wouldn’t let it stop you. You went out and found out what had to be done, what should be done, and how to do it. You changed the game where you had to, you changed the schedule to fit what was required and you did it safely.

Your success is a model for all of us to try and emulate, maybe we too, can find the combination of reasons to move forward, shuffleboard has many great leaders and maybe our leaders can be as inspirational and as successful.

Earl Ball 8-14-2020

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1 Response to Earl Ball Congratulates the Ohio State (OSSA) (2020 08 14)

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    I also want to congradulate you for putting forth the effort that you did.It was not easy. It sure proved it can be done.


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