Winning Tips by Earl Ball. Article 17 of the Series. 2020 08 14.


I think I forgot to tell you when not to shoot a 10.  I’m sure all of you know this but just in case!  If the opponent has 49, 50 or 51 and the hammer and you shot a 10 and it goes deep the opponent has a chance to get the equivalent of two blocks because if he holds the 10 he’ll only be two blocks from winning instead of three and it’s especially bad if you do it from the foot.  It’s not a good idea to do if the opponent has 45 or 46 because that gives them the potential to be two blocks from winning albeit two big blocks.

By the way another thing I’m sure everyone knows but you see it every once in a while and I saw it this evening.  That is if you have a choice to take off a known good block, out in the open, or a potential double you must take off the known good block.  Remember a double isn’t a double until it’s made, make him make the shot; sometimes both wind up on lines!

Another thing.  I had a very fast block this evening, I didn’t catch on until I had shot myself into the kitchen twice, but it reminds me to tell you how to use fast and slow blocks.  If you get a slow block try putting it on the board with your last shot when the other guy has the hammer, you’d be surprised how often he’ll cut you a 7.  A very fast block can be used in a similar way.  Try to shot something high with it and your opponent will try to kitchen it and push it right on through, you may steal a few hammers along the way.  Earl Ball 2006 08 05.

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2 Responses to Winning Tips by Earl Ball. Article 17 of the Series. 2020 08 14.

  1. debsturat says:

    I know I am the only one who doesn’t know this….but does “block” mean “Disc” ??


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